2 SOS 9.24.2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just, you know, steppin out and stuff. Here is what I wore to Ps dance class/ the farmers market. I also went to the mall with my brother yesterday and we stopped by one of my best friends hose to love on her new baby Alice. ADORBS! So itty and squishy and gahhh! I love babies.

Today Mikey and I are going to the 4 P's to play some Pub Quiz with momma and poppa Griffin because it's THE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS! We are pretty baller at pub quiz and won not once but twice this summer so we are in the tournament today. Should be a good time! Hope you area ll having a great weekend!

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Lisa B said...

I just discovered your blog through SOS and I'm so happy I did. xx Lisa

Anonymous said...

That sweater is so cute...love the button details!

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