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Monday, February 20, 2012

HEY YOU GUYZ!!!!! Im SO SO sososososo SO excited to let you in on this little HUGE detail of our wedding. We booked our photographer. It's official. And kinda a big deal.

I had originally had my heart set on my sisters photographer. I loved her work and her in general but she has since upped her prices and sadly become out of our reach. But really not so sadly at all because it forced me to go looking for another photographer. I had one in mind in that Iv been slightly obsessed with their work for a while now but I feared they were out of our price range as well and to add to it they are out of state so in my mind that was never going to work out. But all that aside I still decided to get an estimate. THANK GAWD. Not to say they aren't costing a pretty penny but in my opinion they are totally reasonable and they INCLUDE travel fees. Yeah. They rock. Also I know it will be SO worth it to have my day documented in a style I love. This is forever people.

So I talked to out with Mikey and my mother, who is helping foot the bill, and we decided that, yes this was going to happen.

There was some paper signing, check sending and ten just like that WE HAVE A PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I held you in suspense long enough??

It's not really a big deal

Just a little company called Arrow and Apple? Ever heard of um? Yeah I though so!

And JIC you havent here is a wedding they did you might be familiar with.

The best part of all this? Sarah. She is amazing. I only wish we lived closer so that we could be friends IRL. She took my skype V-card soon after it became official and we talked wedding, family, life, everything. She is genuinely interested in getting to know her clients and I love that so much about her. I feel like i have already made a great new friend and Im so thankful for that and so so So excited to meet her (and hopefully her other half) come September!

Progress people Progress.

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