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Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's official people we have the internet! How does one live so long with out it? Im not quite sure to tell you the truth. It's been a rough few months. But now we are connected to the world and I'm all zomuhgosh it's summer I need to blog about pools and sprinklers and outfits and and summer type things. And hey now I can. Also I think that my child has turned into a teenager in the past two months and I haven't recorded every moment of it. I'm not really even sure how it happened. See below picture


So here I am to tell you Im back in the blogging game. It's going to be a little rough getting back on the saddle and what not because hi Iv been gone for like a century or something like that so bare with me while I try to remember what it is that I found so interesting about my life that i needed to share it with the world.

Happy memorial day weekend people I hope your having a good one!

dont mind us as we try to find ways to keep cool!

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