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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friday: I was in the mood for margaritas and tacos so I put on my fiesta appropriate attire and we went to a local mexican restaurant. The only thing was I got there and then forgot my freaking ID which meant no margaritas for Ashley..... luckly my brother brought it over then joined us for dinner so yay margaritas! 

Friday night I tried the no heat curls via the paper mama 
I dont think I did it tight enough and I think the right side actually went against the grain of my natural curl so it looked all wonky. I think I may try again but I actually really like the look of the headband. I may rock it with a fun headband or one of my bows. 


all wrapped up


Saturday: We didn't really do much. We went to bagel bakery for breakfast and I got Starbucks dur. We hung out at the house and then went over to the Griffin's house a little later to play some cornhole. Pey got pushed around by Mr Griff in Grandma's walker. 
Also I got a new app called MyCeleb. You use a picture and it tells you what celebs you look like. 80% of the time I get someone Asian but iv also gotten Julia Styles, Anne Hathaway, oh and Elton John... 

it has been perfection round these parts of late. 

Sunday: we went to Parker's birthday party in the morning. P loved the big pool and she swims up a storm. She ate cake and had a blast. She refused nap time again but she wasn't a brat like usual when she skips nap. We went to visit my Nanny and Aunt and uncle later and went swimming again. She slept well last night imagine why? 

it was a pretty good weekend i'd say. 

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Sarbear said...

mmm, I'm admiring all of your drinks. Margaritas and coffee oh my. :) And your dress? Rockin!

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